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Affordable Drug Rehab – Where to Search for It

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It’s hard enough to face the fact that you need drug rehab. The last thing you need is the stress dealing with how you’ll pay for it.

Fact is, drug rehab is not cheap. Each month in drug rehab can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Not many people have that kind of money saved up. Nor can everyone qualify for government aid. And too many others have no health insurance. Not only that: what one person considers affordable may not be so easy to deal with for another person.

So, thinking and shopping carefully is of the utmost importance. That said, it would be a good idea to look into the whole range of affordable drug rehab choices before you make an informed choice. In other words, don’t pick the first choice presented to you. There may be more affordable options if you spend some time looking.

General Non-Profit Rehabs

One of your best options for affordable drug rehab is to look at non-profit facilities. Their fees will often be less than the corresponding for-profit drug rehab facilities. The reason for this is that the non-profits are subsidized by public money (like the Federal or condition government) or by non-governmental institutions (NGO).

There are dozens — otherwise hundreds — of non-profit drug rehab facilities that were founded expressly to help lower income and uninsured people. These non-profits can give you significant therapy benefits in very clean and well-organized environments. Most of them will not be free of charge. However , these affordable drug rehab services will (almost) never turn away a patient who is truly in need of treatment — whether or not they can pay full price.

What are your other options?

In addition to the not-for-profit facilities, you will find the for-profit facilities that have mattresses reserved for patients needing subsidized care. This is not the same thing as totally free treatment. However , the fees are based on a sliding scale according to your income, size of family and overall ability to pay.
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If you can get affordable drug rehab at a private facility like this, you can expect excellent care.

Faith-based organizations

Some NGOs such as the Salvation Army don’t provide the celebrity-type surroundings but can still offer effective treatment and, most importantly, a safe haven. The facilities can be quite limited, but for someone along with nowhere else to go, these amenities can provide the prospect of recovery. The particular programs are typically long-term and liberated to the participant willing to engage in a faith-based program.

Sober Living Housing

Another option for affordable drug rehab is the so-called sober living choice. Not as intensive as true drug rehab, these facilities provide an inexpensive but supportive environment in which the participant can recover. Most of these facilities will have a work-requirement as well as the expectation how the participant attend AA meetings, or maybe the equivalent, while living in sober housing.

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