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Sugar Daddies, Cougar Mamas, And Their Sugar Babies – Does Age Really Matter?

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Whatever you call them, older, younger relationship combinations have been a marginal feature in western society for as long as there have been men and women. Yet, the combination still brings stares, gossip, tsks, and criticism. The larger the age gap, the higher the eyebrows are raised.

The most common pattern is an older man with a younger woman. The term “sugar daddy” refers to a rich, usually older man who offers money or gifts to a less rich, usually younger person in return for companionship or sexual favors. This differs from prostitution in that the older man is usually the sole financial provider to the younger person. There are online dating sites specifically targeting this combination.

Relationships involving a younger man and older woman also exist, and while not as common, have become considerably more accepted in recent years.

Homosexual relationships of both sexes may also exhibit age disparity.

What people fail to realize is that there are many reasons for choosing a partner, and age is only one.

The common perception is that the older partner uses the younger as a “trophy” and that the younger partner uses the older for social status and money. But more likely than not, people choose each other for less concrete reasons.
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Looks, personality, chemistry all play a part in choosing a partner. Admittedly, criteria for a long term partner may be different than for a fun date.

A recent survey listed the following attraction factors:

For a long term relationship, people look for:

1. Love of being together

2. Love for doing things together

3. Love for each other

4. Respect for each other

For a dating relationship, people look for:

1.Eyes and Smile

2.Chemistry (pheromones) and Lust

3.Body size and shape and attention to grooming

4.Financial stability

5.Easy communication

Interestingly, none of the criteria mentioned age. Yet, it might be inferred that the dating relationship criteria does tend to dance around the age factors of physical and financial attraction.

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