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Kitchen Organizers Revealed

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Here, hygiene is essential: the food passes and we don’t want to poison the entire family.

So, good organization of the kitchen is:

Clear the place up, to allow, in particular, easy cleaning everywhere.

Last thing before we get into the action:

The storage and cleaning, it looks a little chocolate. Go step by step, not only at one time, cause you might get disgust.

1 – Facing reality

Start by clearing some space on a counter top or table.

Open the first cabinet (any) and remove everything, really everything. Already there, it’s fun. Smile, you’re well on!

2 – RULE No. 1: Build and sort

Put aside anything that looks like:

– A food expiration date has passed (yes, even the spices). I do not even know how long you keep the cinnamon!

– A food that you do not remember when you’re served the last time.
If this is so old, it’s outdated, that’s for sure.

– Any type of Tupperware ® box that does not cover (what’s the point, really, without a cover?)

– Yet another plastic bag. It will never be collector items, do not push!

– A toxic product too old or too toxic (visit Web sites to get an ecological idea of the damage caused by these products and find substitutes for natural and biodegradable).

– A dish very chipped or broken. If you would not dare to use it for an unknown visitor, it may be a good test: discard.

– A twisted and covered you never want to use: in that case, why keep it?

– An object offered (certainly by a friend) but you do not like. Farewell, mugs adorned with cartoon characters, ridiculous ashtrays, salt typical wooden spoon carved….! It is the intention that counted, isn’t it? This does not obligate you to keep it until you die Best Tall Kitchen Trash Bags.

– Another tea set,that you have duplicate or triplicate. Additional copies will go into a box marked “duplicate utensils. You provide your children when they leave home, why not?

3 – What to keep?

In short, you do need to keep what you really like and is useful to you and not dangerous to health.

The ideal is to eventually surround yourself with objects both beautiful and useful.

4 – A bit of health

Prepare and approach your closet with a bowl filled with hot water and your favorite detergent, plus a sponge and a cloth.

Wash and dry quickly what you intend to keep. You will agree with us that is not useful to clean up what you do not keep… If you really want to keep it anyway, so we’ll see this later.


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